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Coronavirus Update: Studio Closed till 5/31 (スタジオ臨時休業延長について)


In accordance with the government recommendations and safety measures update on May 4, Sun and Moon Yoga will be remained closed till May 31 (subject to change as the situation changes).

Now more than ever, our practices are needed, and the power of community is felt even more strongly.

We offer our online programs.

For the schedule, please check our Class page. (Note that you need to scroll down the white part of the page.) Your class card can be used both online and in-studio classes.

Please check here if you have not created your account in our system. As you all know, Yoga means Union. Now, more than ever, we can unite through the power of love, near and far. Remember to pause, breathe, and send lovingkindness to yourself and others. Love is so much greater than fear.

Please stay calm and stay safe and enjoy your home practice. We will continue to post updates on our website, Facebook, and Instagram as well as through the newsletter. We will also respond to your emails as fast as we can. Please follow us on one or all of these channels for up-to-date information.

Thank you for your understanding.








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