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The world will open up to you - Interview with Christine

What can you expect from the online workshop Develop Your Intuition with Christine on April 29?


On Friday, April 29th, Sun and Moon Yoga Studio will offer an online workshop on April 29 called Develop Your Intuition led by Christine Brown, Intuition Guide and founder of Clarity With Christine.

We asked her a few questions about what to expect during the workshop.


Q: What is intuition and why do I need to develop it?

A: Intuition is a form of perception that goes beyond the conscious mind. Many call it the 6th sense or gut instinct. Your intuition is your truth. It is not about society, your job, or even your family and friends. It is about you and what is right and truthful for you as an individual.

There is a lot of noise out in the world. We are being bombarded with information 24/7. Everyone has opinions and judgments. There is a lot of fear, chaos, confusion, and stress.

Developing your intuition helps you tune into information and receive messages that can guide you on your life path. It is about listening to yourself instead of outside sources.

Q: How do I know if I am intuitive?

A: Everyone is intuitive as it`s an innate part of us. You`ve all had intuitive experiences whether you realize it or not. Think of a time that you just knew something but couldn`t explain how you knew it. You could feel it in your body or just knew it in your mind. But then your rational mind dismissed it or others told you that it was just a coincidence.

Q: When will it be useful?

A: You can use your intuition every day for everything. For simple choices like – what should I wear? Should I bring an umbrella (very important in Japan, especially in rainy season!)? What should I have for lunch? What does my body need right now? Food, water, rest? Or for much bigger decisions like changing or pursuing your career, partnerships, or finances.

Q: Is it difficult to develop it?

A: No, it is very simple. There are many tools and tips that can be useful. They can all be used in your daily life and activities. It just takes practice like any other skill that you want to learn or even master.

Even though I`ve had strong intuitive skills since my childhood, I didn`t believe my mentor when she told me that she could train me to be as strong as she is (and she has been practicing for 30 years!). But after just a few training sessions, I was reading her energy. The key was to let go of my doubts and fears, but more importantly, to trust myself and to just have fun.

Q: What will I get out of your workshop?

A: The most common outcomes of my work include feeling lighter like a weight has been lifted. Gaining clarity or bringing awareness to something that wasn`t apparent before (or realizing that you might need to spend more time or energy on that part of your life). Many are inspired to take action. I`ve had clients begin painting or writing again (after decades of hiatus) or have a difficult conversation with a loved one (only to realize that it wasn`t so scary after all). Some release the pain/fear/stress/anger that they had been holding on to for a long time. Some have received messages from loved ones who have crossed over – and after knowing this information they were able to feel free and move forward in their lives.

I`ll talk about Intuition, energy work, and lead you through a guided meditation to ground you and awaken your skills. We`ll practice some simple exercises and share our experiences. Finally, I will lead you through a group clearing session where you will align with your higher self.

And again, coming back to fun! My personality is very friendly and relaxed. I laugh a lot and want everyone to have a positive, enjoyable experience and learn some tools that they can use every day to strengthen their intuition abilities.


Does something ring bells? Please visit our workshop page! We look for to having fun with you in this workshop!

Friday April 29, 1pm-3pm. (Zoom Meeting)


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