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MINDFULNESS IMMERSION: 20-hour Immersion with Leza Lowitz

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Workshop Series Begins Sunday, February 9

What is Mindfulness? It’s often defined as present-moment awareness of thoughts, emotions, body sensations and surroundings through a gentle lens.

What is the practice of mindfulness? Paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without judgement—without labelling them “right” or “wrong.” Tuning into the present moment just as it is—not rehashing the past nor fantasizing about the future. Just here and now.

Why do we practice mindfulness? To hold all that is arising in this moment in a loving awareness that nurtures and allows. In this way, mindfulness becomes heartfulness, and we become more friendly with our inner worlds and less reactive to the outer world. We can reduce stress and, according to neuroscience, we can amplify a sense of contentment and happiness.

With roots in the Buddhist tradition, mindfulness has entered the mainstream in recent years. Scientific studies have documented the physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness and mindfulness-based stress reduction, which has been used in schools, prisons, hospitals, veteran’s centers, corporate settings, and more.

This 6-week course offers a thorough investigation of mindfulness and heartfulness from a theoretical, practical and experiential point of view. You will explore the power of mindfulness and compassion in your life, learning valuable practices to carry with you to help you find ease, comfort and happiness.

When I practiced Metta meditation for the first time, with Leza-Sensei, I experienced the feeling that my heart chakra had opened. I felt my heart center getting warmer, and tears came my eyes. Since then, I have attended her meditation classes many, many times. I had previously thought that meditation practice was difficult, but this was incorrect. Whenever I take Leza’s workshops, her guidance always brings to mind the feeling I had the very first time. She brings this warm, open feeling to everyone at any moment.” –Yukie, Hula Teacher/Studio Owner

Achieving the right fit with a yoga studio is something like finding a life partner, especially when it comes to mindfulness and meditation, where we all have to face ourselves, deeply and openly. In addition to their teaching of skills (physical and mental), I care about a teacher’s personality, values, and life perspectives, as well as the warmth of their community. Leza and Sun and Moon Yoga Studio shine in all of these areas, and her course is one of a few that I would highly recommend for learning mindfulness and meditation.”–Dr. Hana Hayashi, Behavioural Scientist, (500 hour advanced teacher training certificate holder)


Sunday February 9, 2:30-5:30pm (3 hrs) Sunday February 23, 4:30-7:30pm (3 hrs) Monday/Holiday February 24, 11:00-4:30pm (5.5 hours) Sunday March 1, 2:30-5:30pm (3 hrs) Friday March 20, 11:00-4:30pm (5.5 hours)

Course Contents:

Class One: - Why Meditate? Mindful Presence - The value of mindfulness and compassion in your life - The power of inner training and how neuroscience supports this - Beginning to practice - Presence of body and senses - Presence with others - Q & A

Class Two: - Mindfulness of the Breath - The art of steadying attention - Why mindfulness of breathing? - Common initial difficulties - Using other anchors - Q & A

Class Three: - Mindfulness of the Body - Body Scan - Standing and Walking Meditation - Review of Basic Practices - Q & A

Class Four: - Cultivation Practices: - Metta (Lovingkindness) Meditation (Compassion for Self and Others) - Tonglen Meditation - Q & A

Class Five: - Mindfulness of Feelings and Emotions - Working with Difficult Emotions - Mindfulness of Thoughts and the Mind - RAIN Practice for Places we are Stuck - Q & A

Class Six - Hindrances to Practice - Forgiveness of Self and Others Practice - Review of Practices - Embodiment and Daily Practice - Q & A

This course is open to:

  • Those who want to deepen their meditation practice

  • Those who want to learn more about meditation

  • Teachers who want to incorporate meditation into yoga classes

  • Those who want to be able to lead meditation someday

※ No prior meditation practice necessary; and experienced meditators are welcome.

What to bring

  • Writing implements

  • Clothes that are easy to move around in.

  • Small towel


80,000 yen. 70,000 yen earlybird Registration completed by December 1.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in attending this training, send in a request to info(at) with the course name and month in the subject. Include your full NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER and PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS BRIEFLY AND FROM THE HEART. 1. What drew you to taking this course? 2. Do you currently have a meditation practice? 3. If so, describe your meditation practice. 4. What would you like to learn through this course? 5. Any injuries or conditions we should know about?

Payment instructions will be sent upon receipt of your request. Please complete your payment within 2 weeks from the instructions. Advanced payment is required except by prior advance agreement. Early application is strongly suggested.



A certificate of completion will be issued to those who have attended and successfully completed all sessions.


Leza Lowitz, M.A. is the founder and sole proprietor of Sun and Moon Yoga, Tokyo, which she established in 2003. She has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for forty years, and has had a regular daily practice that entire time. She completed a 7-year intensive Tibetan Buddhist Meditation program in 2012, including many long-term silent retreats. She is currently enrolled in a 2-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach through SoundsTrue, mentored by Anne Cushman.

Leza’s passion is to share these ancient practices with a contemporary, heartfelt and authentic approach. She has shared mindfulness, meditation, yoga and self-transformation with thousands of students around the world.


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