Class Descriptions

Hatha means “sun and moon.”


In Sanskrit, ha means “sun” and tha means ” moon,” representing the pingala nadi (right or sun channel) and ida nadi (left or moon channel). Practicing yoga brings harmony and inner balance into our lives by bringing our prana from the right and left channels into our sushumna nadi, or central channel.


Thus, “union” of the Sun and the Moon, or Sun and Moon Yoga.


This class will focus on deepening your practice and creating inner balance by working in the poses with attention to alignment, breathing, body awareness and feeling. This class will also explore meditation, pranayama, and Vinyasa flow, helping students align their poses, while often holding poses for longer durations. More challenging poses like arm balances and inversions will be introduced as students progress.


Hatha Yoga is perfect for those who wish to explore an evolving yet mindful yoga practice. This is a mixed-level class that will be adjusted according to the student’s needs. Beginners welcome.

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