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Book Recommendation - Yoga Poems and Yoga Heart

Two books that work together to provide the reader with meditative poems that will support any yoga practice.

The sixty poems in this book are windows into the mind/body/spirit experiences that come about through yoga practice.

Each poem is named for a posture or breath exercise and is inspired by the physical properties of the pose or some aspect of breathing that led the poet to deeper understanding.

Listening to these poems read aloud, or contemplating them on one’s own, will help yoga students understand their own struggles and inspire them on the way to personal transformation.

Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By has been translated to Japanese, French, and Farsi.

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These meditative poems on the Buddha’s six qualities for a meaningful life—generosity, kindness, patience, joyful effort, stillness, wisdom – were written over years of “Everyday Zen” practice, inspired by nature, meditation, yoga, Zen, Buddhism, Osho, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Heart Yoga, Tantra, ancient Japanese and Chinese poetry, Rumi, Kabir, haiku, love and life.

They are designed to inspire the journey toward awareness, interconnectedness and bliss.

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