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3月のお知らせ その1「クラス変更」 / March Class News, Part 1 "Class Change"

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

月曜夜のフロー&マインドフルネス瞑想クラス(マヨ先生)が、3月8日から、水曜7:00pmにお引越します。Flow & Mindfulness Meditation with Mayo will be moved to Wednesday 7pm from March 8.

Cycling, running, futsal, and now hula practice. Mayo is a very active person even on her holidays. She is always physically active.

Her secret to balance between 'dynamics' and 'stillness' is having regular meditation practice.

By having 'quiet' time regularly and voluntarily, it is said that even when you are feeling impatient, you will develop the ability to take a breath, look at the situation and then calmly take action.

Flow & Mindfulness Meditation class with Mayo has truly both elements.

The class will be moved to Wednesday 19:00 from March 8. (Please note that it starts at 19:00, not our usual 19:30.)

It is taught in Japanese, but anyone is welcome! Beginners are welcome, of course.

Please visit our Class page for reservation.

Mayo's Instagram: @mayokko3










Instagram @mayokko3


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