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February Class News / 2月のクラスのお知らせ

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

We have changes in our regular class schedule. 通常クラスに変更があります。

Saturday New Class:

12:30 Restorative Yoga with Kiyomi (1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday) and Kumiko (2nd and 4th). Both Japanese classes.

In the class with Kiyomi, starting with myofascial release that speeds up to experience the muscular relaxation in Restorative Yoga practice. You can learn the easy myofascial release technique for everyday relaxation at home.

Kumiko focuses on therapeutic poses tailored to the physical and mental state with the help of tools to actively promote recovery. the help of props to act actively promote recovery. Together with her class at 10:30am, you can enjoy the benefits of active and relax classes.

Wednesday New Class:

12:30 Hatha Yoga (Detox) with Yuki

Yuki's Thursday evening class moves to Wednesday afternoons at 12:30pm.

The amount of exercise is moderate using the Hatha yoga approach incorporated with the five elements theory. Yuki leads the class with great care aiming to create the body and mind easy to detoxify. This is a great class for beginners.

We hope you enjoy our new offerings!

Our schedule and booking, please visit our Class page.




12:30 リストラティブヨガ キヨミ先生 (第1、3、5土曜、スタジオまたはオンライン) / クミコ先生 (第2、4土曜、スタジオのみ)、いずれも日本語クラス




12:30 ハタヨガ (デトックス) ユキ先生、スタジオまたはオンライン、日本語クラス








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