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New Classes in September / 9月スタート新クラス

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

During Em's absence, her classes will be subbed as below. We are working to fill the remaining classes. These classes will start in September, and we will have more in October.

For your consistent practice, and get to know our amazing teachers, come and join us!

We will introduce these amazing teachers on our blog soon!

Starting on Sep 6, Tuesday 7:30pm Restorative Yoga with Aki (In-studio, Bilingual)
Starting on Sep 7, Wednesday 7:30pm Vinyasa Flow with Sina (In-studio/Online, English)
Starting on Sep 8, Thursday 10:30am Vinyasa Flow with Chisaka (In-studio, Japanese)
Starting on Sep 9, Friday 10:30am Vinyasa Flow with Reiko (In-studio, Japanese)
Starting on Sep 18, Sunday 12:30pm (75min) Ashtanga Basics with Shoko (In-studio, Bilingual)





9/6 スタート、火曜 7:30pm リストラティブヨガ/アキ(スタジオ、バイリンガル)
9/7 スタート、水曜 7:30pm ヴィンヤサフロー/シナ(スタジオ/オンライン、英語)
9/8 スタート、木曜 10:30am ヴィンヤサフロー/チサカ(スタジオ、日本語)
9/9 スタート、金曜 10:30am ヴィンヤサフロー/レイコ(スタジオ、日本語)
9/18 スタート、日曜 12:30pm (75分) アシュタンガ・ベーシック/ショウコ(スタジオ、バイリンガル)


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