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Release, then relax in Restorative yoga | ほぐして休ませるリストラティブヨガ

Kiyomi starts Tuesday 7:30pm Restorative Yoga class.

Many people have get into Restorative Yoga practice. Our Restorative yoga teachers have started to study and teach it because they are all attached to this style.

Sun & Moon Yoga Tokyo is a pioneer of Restorative yoga in Japan. Since 2003 when our studio owner, Leza Lowitz, has opened the studio with the props she imported from the US, we have been offering classes regularly. Many Restorative yoga teachers were born from our Restorative Yoga TTCs.

From January 10, Kiyomi starts her Restorative yoga class on Tuesday, 7:30pm.

Kiomi's Restorative yoga class incorporates the myofascial release, which uses tennis balls or similar to relax the fascia, before moving into restorative yoga poses.

So, it helps to get rid of the tension in your muscles to induce the relaxation.

Once you have done the 'painful but pleasant' myofascial release, let your body respond to the rest. As you get used to it, your body will naturally learn how to switch on relaxation.

When your body relaxes, your mind will also become calmer. When your mind is calm, you are less likely to exert yourself unnecessarily in your daily life.

Yes, the body and mind are connected. One of the aims of practising restorative yoga is to restore energy.

Sun and Moon Yoga offers restorative yoga on the following schedule. Please bring loose clothing. Props are available in the studio. (Eye pillows are not currently available. If you need one, please bring your eye pillow or mini towel).

Tuesday 7:30pm - 9pm

Friday 7:30pm - 9pm

Saturday 2:30pm - 4pm (this schedule may change)

Instructors: Kiyomi (Japanese class, with Live streaming), Nao (bilingual, with Live streaming), Kanako (Japanese class)

We look forward to seeing you!

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