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Savvy Tokyo Article About Sun and Moon Yoga

A short excerpt of the fantastic Savvy Tokyo article written by Kelly Wetherille

Since it opened in 2003, Sun and Moon Yoga has been a go-to studio for yogis from around the world, with its bilingual classes attracting Japanese, expats and visitors alike. A decade later, the popular destination had to close due to the demolition of the building it called home for so long. But not to worry, fellow Tokyo yoga enthusiasts: Sun and Moon has reopened in a new space in Gotanda, and it’s just as inviting as ever.

Leza Lowitz opened Sun and Moon when she moved to Tokyo for the second time with her Japanese husband. “Prior to my move to Tokyo in 2003, I had been teaching at Asana Yoga Studio in Sonoma County, California, and I was running a studio out of my home in coastal Marin,” Leza said. “I run the Tokyo studio very much the way I ran that—as a home open to everyone. We are very relaxed, very ‘Californian,’ people say.”

Read the full article on Savvy Tokyo!


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