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Community Vinyasa Going Online/コミュニティクラスをオンラインでも

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

We are delighted to announce that our ever popular Wednesday 10.30am Community class with Em is going online. We fully appreciate everyone who has been coming to the studio and we also appreciate that coming to the studio for some is not an option at the moment, so we wanted to offer another online option.

This class is only ¥1,000 as we want to offer an affordable option for all.

As with all classes, reservation is required. When making payment, please click on "Community Class 1000 yen" ticket (valid for either in-studio or online class) on our Pricing page. If you wish you can use your regular studio card if you have one.

Our In-studio Community class remains as it is; reservation required with/without ticket, and 1000 yen cash pay is acceptable in the studio. We look forward to welcoming you online as we continue to develop a warm social atmosphere wherever you are.

If you'd have any inquiry, please contact the studio.

To make reservation, please visit our Schedule page.

If you'd like to know how to book a class, please follow the instruction here.

なんと、エム先生が指導する大人気の水曜10:30amのコミュニティクラスがオンラインでも参加できるようになります! クラスはどなたでも参加しやすいように1000円です。









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